Own Interest in Energy Projects.Using some of the Newest and most effective Technologies.Energy Lp does Oil and Gas Partnerships.We work with some of the Best Service Companies.We Keep Costs Down and Increase Profit.We are On the Job.Learn more about our Profitable Projects.

Companies like Energy LP are providing turn-key Oil and gas Partnerships.

They are the future of drilling in the U.S. They also provide individuals and companies with outstanding opportunities to have pass through revenue and tax benefits using energy equity.

Producing Interests are also available in the Eagle Ford Shale and other gulf coast properties. Energy LP Corporation spends the necessary time to research different avenues and identify the highest reward for the least risk.

Businesses, big and small, are in the U.S. competing in the global market like never before.

Initially independents were a small fraction of the output, but today independent U.S. Oil and Gas participation generates billions of dollars in revenue. The majority of it is generated by Joint Venture Capital such as an affiliate of Energy LP Corporation; Oil LP Group.